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August 28, 2017



Milk : Half Cup
Water : Four Cups
Solidified Ghee : 1 Cup
Plain flour : 03 Cups
Food color (Yellow): 1/4 tsp
Ice cubes : Three-four pieces
Essence of Kewra : 5-6 Drops
Ghee - 1 k.g.
Milk with1/2 tsp. of rubbed saffron
Chopped Almonds and Pistachios : One tbsp
Powdered cardamom: 1 tsp

Ingredients for making Syrup:

Sugar : 1 ½ Cups
Water : 1 Cup


Make sugar syrup.
Take a large bowl and rub the solidified Ghee with ice cubes into it, till the color of the mix turns white.
Add milk, flour and one cup water into a mix for making the batter.
Add the food color in water into the batter and after that mix the essence into it.
You can add some water to make the batter free flowing.
Fill a cylindrical container with ghee and heat it.
Pour about 50 ml of batter into the container, after the settlement of the froth add another glassful of batter into the batter.
When the froth settles down, take out the Ghevar and put it on a wire mesh to drain the oil.
Take a large and flat container to hold the ghevar.
After few minutes take out the ghevar and put it on mesh again.
Let it cool down for few minutes and spray a few drops of saffron milk, chopped dry fruit and the cardamom powder.

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