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May 03, 2008

Teaching Kids How To Cook

Everyone inherits basic cooking skills from their parents. Each family follows peculiar eating habits. There are certain food preparations which are specific to a particular group of people. Various parts of the same country even have different diets. There are certain treasured recipes in each family which are traditionally passed to the ancestors. Parents used to spend a lot of time by teaching the basic skills of cooking to their children.

In this era of fast life, parents may be busy with their scheduled task, so that they won't get sufficient time for educating their kids with food preparations. Finally the healthy lifestyle of home made food has given way to fast food restaurants and instant food. One should be aware of the health issues caused by those diets where harmful preservatives are used extensively. Such habits should be discouraged by practicing cooking at home. Kids should be reminded about the importance of a healthy diet and about the side effects of harmful junk food. This should be practiced from the early days of childhood so that they won't get too much attracted towards the eat outs.

Cooking with the kids is an excellent way to start this reform. Initially kids should be given the chance to observe the cooking process and the preparations needed for cooking. They will be able to appreciate the freshness of the ingredients used and they will watch with curiosity and interest how those ingredients are converted to amazing food preparations. Children can be invited for a small participation in the beginning by giving a few vegetables to chop or washing them properly.

Kids would love to mix the ingredients, chop vegetables, grate cheese and measure the various spices used in cooking. Cooking tasks can be given to the kids depending upon their age group. Kids under the age group can be given fruits and vegetables for washing. This time parents can teach them the need of removing impurities and pesticides from fruits and vegetables. Kids can also be guided in cleaning the tables and counters of kitchen. Children will love to play by making different shapes in dough with biscuit cutters. They can also help you by rolling dough.

Kids of a higher age group which falls between six and ten years of age can be given another set of tasks. Parents can ask them to read recipes when you prepare the food. They can be given the training to take measurements for cooking ingredients. This age group are perfect for mixing the components needed for a recipe. They can be given a knife which is not at all sharp for spreading the ingredients. Vegetable which needs to be prepared without the need of a sharp object can be given to them like husking corns, onions etc.

Children who are older or teenagers can be given a bit complex tasks. Be sure those tasks should be done only under the supervision of a parent or an elderly one. They can be trained in using microwave, oven or stove. Parents can teach them how to use a knife for chopping vegetables with care. They can also teach their kids how to use an electric blender. Parents should make their kids aware of the security measures that need to be followed while cooking.

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