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July 03, 2008

Orange malpua

Oranges 3
Orange flavour powder 4 tablespoons
Sugar 3 cups
Refined flour (maida) 4 tablespoons
Milk 500 millilitres
Mawa (khoya) 50 grams + for garnish
Ghee to deep fry
Pistachios, sliced10-12


Peel the oranges and separate the segments.
Peel each segment and remove seedsHeat three cups sugar with three cups water and cook to make a syrup.
Take refined flour in a bowl.
Add milk and whisk to make a smooth batter.
Add fifty grams of mawa and mix well.
Add two tablespoons orange flavoured powder and mix.
Add green cardamom powder and mix well.
Add the remaining orange flavoured powder to the sugar syrup and mix.
Strain the sugar syrup through muslin cloth into another bowl.
Heat desi ghee in a shallow pan.
Pour a ladle of batter and spread to make a roundel.
Fry till the underside is golden.
Flip and fry till the other side is equally cooked.
Similarly prepare the rest of the malpuas.
Take some of the syrup in another pan, add orange segments and stew for two to three minutes.
Drain the malpuas from the ghee and dip them in the syrup.
Put the stewed orange segments in individual serving bowls.
Take the malpuas from the syrup and place them over the stewed orange segments.
Sprinkle a little mawa and place another malpua over it.
Garnish with sliced pistachios and serve hot

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