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November 26, 2007

Tomato ketchup


Tomatoes 1kg
White vinegar 1cup
Red chilly powder 2tsp
Salt to taste
Pepper (whole) 1tsp
Garlic 8flakes
Sambar onion 10flakes
Cardimum 6pieces
Cloves 6pieces
Cinnimum 6pieces


Pepper; garlic; sambar onions; cardimum; cloves; cinnimum to be held with cloth.
Boil the tomatoes adding enough water to immerse along with the spice bundles.
Boil till the outer skin shrinks.
Extract the pulp in the extractor opening the bundle.
Add the vinegar; salt; red chilly powder to the extracted tomatoes pulp.
Boil till thick and remove from fire.
Add sodium benzoate mixed with little warm water.
Store in air tight dry bottle.


5cups pulp-1\3tsp sodium benzoate

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