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July 15, 2008

Love means never having to say you're sorry.

Knowing yourself,with the pick up lines like the one in the subject above it is a wonder that some people can ever get a date at all. Fortunately I have been spared from hearing too many pick up lines like this. Since I have been in a relationship for a long time and do not go to places like clubs.

Have you played Ultimate Flirting Championship game introduced by Extreme Style by VO5? You can check it out via the widget below. You can even grab that widget for your own blog. Why not head on over and check it out. It is a fun time to you know, kill a little time at work when you are supposed to be working. Cause who wants to actually work at work?

I played the game a few times because it is so hilarious and one of those times I ended up chatting with a girl cause she was so funny.

Flirting sounds so scary but when your actually doing it it is great fun. I played in front of of my kids and hubby. We all laughed.

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