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September 01, 2008

web designer on Spock

A small background for people who have heard about Spock for the first time. Spock is a people search engine. You can search for your friends, relatives, teachers or literally anyone by just typing the name or email or also on the basis of tags, on Spock. You can also add your profile with pictures and also specify tags based on your profession or personal attributes such as web designer or make money or anything. You can also link your profile pages on sites like myspace, linkedin profile, etc. to your Spock search pages.

I started at the home page, I logged in as I am already signed up though I think you can search without being a member. I stated my search terms as follows:

Web designer. I wanted to get a list of web design consultants who have excellent knowledge about web application development and an expert at Web 2.0 and also would be able to help me in my new online projects. With my positive experiences with Spock, I made a search at Spock and got a list of web designers. Now these search results were great. This result page looked something like this

You can get in touch via by requesting contact - this allows the contactee to check your profile before approving contact. This site differs from other sites (you are expected to add your other social site links too ie., linkedin, face book etc..) in that the intention is that searches are purely keyword oriented. The more keywords (tags) you have the more chance you have of popping up in search results.

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