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May 24, 2008

Idli Burger

2 - idilis
1 - boiled and mashed potato
1 cup - soaked soya granules
1 cup - paneer, grated(optional)
2 tbsp - chopped corainder leaves
1 - green chilly, chopped
2 tsp - cornflour
1 tsp - red chilly powder(optional)
1 tsp - amchur powder
salt to taste
1 tsp - oil
2 slices - tomato, cucumber, onion
3 tsp - tomato sauce
1 - cherry
1 - tooth pick


Deep fry both the idlis till golden brown.
Combine mashed potato, soaked soya bean, paneer, cornflour, chilly powder, amchur powder, salt mix well and shape it in the form of tikki that of the size if idli.
Add 1 tsp oil in a pan and put the tikki..cook both sides of tikki till golden brown,drain on a paper towl.
Take one idli apply tomato sauce to one side of it place the tikki on it now place cucumber, tomato and onion silces cover it with another idli whose side should also be applied with tomato sauce.
Take a cherry, pin it with a tooth pick and insert it into the idli burger.
Wrap the delicious idli burger in a aluminium foil and pack it into your childs tiffin along with potato chips and tomato sauce.

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